The Power of Perfect Water

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Supercharge Your Plants Naturally

We believe in challenging the status quo when it comes to water oxygenation.

In order to think big, you need to think nano. We help you discover water’s nutrient transfer superpower.

We take a water first approach to growing. If water is fuel for plants, nanobubble injected water is Rocket Fuel.

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“Enhancing water to increase root zone oxygenation is key to unlocking higher yields, happier plants and greater potency”

– Joe Markman, CEO

Guiding Growers Through The Water

We all know opposites attract, but did you know that applies to nutrient transfer?

The positively charged nutrients attach to the negatively charged nanobubbles allowing our system to supercharge your water.

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By The Numbers

Unlock your water’s hidden power by supercharging attractions by a factor of 1 trillion.

Increase in dry yield
Increase in THC potency
Annual equipment cleaning hours eliminated

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Our Process

Step One

Let us learn more about you. Every single grow is unique and each has their own secret sauce. All we need is a 30 minute video call to get started.

Step Two

We’ve learned how you grow, your layout and how you are currently employing water. Now it’s time to identify and exploit the hidden power already in your system.

Step Three

Let our Green Gloved Technicians handle the installation, or if you’d rather we can guide you through the installation yourself.

Proudly Serving The International Growing Community Across The Continent

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Power-Up Your Water

Unlock your water’s superpower today! Our interactive quoting tool is quick and easy. Try it today and let us show you the huge impact a nanbubble can make.

Time to complete 2-3 minutes.

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Better water is always the answer.

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